Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cooler Weather and Flu Shots (Part One of Three)

This morning it was a nippy 48 degrees outside, making the inside of our house about 65 degrees. I took my shower and ironed Bart's clothes for him for work (a very rare treat...I had to iron my own so I figured I'd do his as well) in the basement...with wet hair and little clothing...and I was not freezing...not even very cool. (well, that's my norm.)

Bart however, comes down to the basement wrapped up like an igloo burrito, complaining because I only turned the heater up to 67...he obviously forgot that $200 gas bill (plus an electric bill!) we had last winter. I informed him if the boys and I had to hang out at the house every day with it around 65, he better get used to it, too. (It's all about acclimating your body and "getting used to it")

He just frowned and muttered about freezing and balls and boys as he walked back upstairs.

In other is Part One of our three part series entitled: "The Flu Shot and Us". The boys are going in at 9:30 to get shots. Brennan has been promised his long anticipated goldfish (on Friday) if he is good and brave. Jackson will be carted off to Chuck E. Cheese for a play date afterwards (brave or not). Brennan already named his fish "Mr. Fishy Fish".

I'm just glad he doesn't know my track record with goldfish. Ask Crystal, my college dorm mate...I killed probably five or ten fish my freshman year. Maybe I'll get Bren a beta fish...those seem to last longer. Whatever he gets will be a fish that can hang out in a bowl that doesn't require a pump and all that jazz, though he has requested a castle.

Back to the shots...last winter the boys got shots, but not Bart or me. Well, both Bart and I got very very sick with the flu. I'd rather that didn't happen this year with a brand new baby around, one child in school, and a very active toddler at home as well. Friday I will be getting a flu shot at the OB...if I am brave enough to ask for it. (I will be brave, I will be brave...) What am I going to get as a bribe???

Who knows...maybe we'll all get to snort the stuff instead. You know, the nasal spray?

3 Words to brighten my day:

Holly said...

Kailey snorted her flu vaccine last year, and it was great; no tears. I would request it. Good luck with that.

I'm glad that our house does not often drop below 70 degrees. I can't handle it. I suppose you do get used to it. Good luck acclimating :)

Angelkris said...

Not to spoil your plans, but my mom (the nurse) suggests waiting until the very end of October otherwise it can wear off still in the height of flu season. Just and FYI and thought for next year.

Lexi said...

Last year the flu shot wasn't so bad- this year I felt like I had been punched with a bowling ball in my arm. The needle going in isn't the part that hurt, it's whatever they injected in there! It felt way better about 24 hours later though.

I've had flu shots several times and this was the only time it didn't feel good so it might have just been where they injected it in the muscle (maybe they didn't go deep enough). I think you will do ok and just think- you'd rather have a sore arm for a couple of hours than a week to two weeks of the flu.

It's really quick too. Trust me, you feel the needle more when you get your blood drawn than when you get a flu shot. About a bribe.... hmmmm. That depends on what kind of treats you like ;-) Maybe you could go get a mint chocolate hot cocoa! Get something that you wouldn't normally get! Good luck- it won't be too bad, I promise.