Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rock Star Party

Brennan was invited to a friend's 6th birthday party. She is obsessed (I am hoping, b/c she got a ton of themed presents!) with Hannah Montana (who wouldn't be, esp. at the age of 6?) so she had a H.M./Rock Star party.

The mom gave rock star make-overs to the kids, girls getting funky hairdos and colored hair pieces and glitter, plus glitter eye makeup, boys getting colored spray and star sunglasses. Brennan picked blue, because he currently claims that is his favorite color. I tried to do a faux-hawk at home, but his hair looked bad so we just made it a bit spiky in front. (Jackson also got a faux-hawk, which looked awesome, but quickly fell b/c his hair is too long. It was a "big kid" party so Bren and I were able to ditch the toddler and enjoy ourselves)

There were the cutest blow up guitars the kids rocked out on as they played a game of statue (I guess you'd call it that...rockin' music played then when it was turned of you had to freeze!) and there were blowup microphones, too, used for a game of pass the (potato) microphone. Winners got Hannah Montana suckers shaped like guitars (who knew?!?!?!) and all the kids got a blow up guitar and microphone as goodies, along with candy from guessed it, Hannah Montana pinata. Oh, and let's not forget the incredible blow up stage...blown up by the birthday mama! It was the cutest thing, and made for a great backdrop/party spot.

I re-discovered that Brennan is a bit of a "chic magnet"...he reported getting 3 kisses and giving 1, too! Oh, my...we are going to have to watch our future heart throb and make sure he doesn't break too many of the girls hearts! (Of course, the kiss he gave was to the birthday girl as she thanked him for her gift...I think she gave everyone a kiss b/c she was so excited to get all the gifts...but then I think kissing got on his brain)

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Jenn said...

Wayyyyy cooler than the LSU game. This kids are too stinkin cute. How much fun did they have???