Monday, October 27, 2008


Right now my life is in preparation mode.

  • I prepare for the craft date at my house tomorrow morning by cleaning. This cleaning is also helping me prepare for when my parents and the new baby come by getting a few things in order that have been sitting around, waiting for me to give them attention.
  • I prepare for the upcoming childbirth with braxton hicks contractions (though I have no control over that).
  • I prepare for a newborn by buying a little extra of this and that when grocery shopping and searching for the perfect pacis. (I love MAM, but Wal-Mart's aren't that cute, so I need to go to Target.)
  • I prepare for my craft date by cutting 2x4's into small squares.
  • I prepare for trunk or treat by going to Wal-Mart to get the last of the needed supplies (If I go to Wal-Mart one more time this week I will scream...oh, wait, I still haven't gotten groceries!)
  • I prepare my family for the celestial kingdom by (trying, very hard) to read the scriptures every night and teaching them to say "good" prayers (Brennan says "Thank you" for everything, even things he is asking for, such as "Thank you that I can be good and go to the green party", though now he throws in a "We are very pleased that..." I have no clue where that one came from).
  • I prepare Brennan for reading by helping him with his level one and two books.
  • I prepare myself for the upcoming cold weather by trying on my jackets and hoping they will fit over the fatter version of me.
  • I need to prepare my lawn for winter and trim down the dead flowers and have Bart cut the grass.
  • I prepare for Christmas by doing all the shopping for the boys on Thursday. (Thanks Kristen!)

There are so many things to prepare for...what are you preparing for?

4 Words to brighten my day:

Emily said...

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I'm feeling stress today too. I have a last minute costume fix to do before tomorrow, I have Sarah's birthday next week, Sarah and Ben's joint birthday party to plan and way too little time in which to do it all. Oh, and I have to prep for sharing time on Sunday :D

Lori O said...

I've decided I'm done preparing and I'm in a sit on my butt and wait for baby to get here mood.

Sarah said...

Matthew does the same thing when he prays. "Thank you that we will have a good day tomorrow" "Thank you that we will be good" I'm glad he's not the only one.

PapaJeff said...

Cleaning for me? I feel very special:) I'm excited for the trip!