Monday, October 20, 2008

Dental Nightmare

Today I took Brennan to Alpha Dental.
Now, I know a red flag should have went up in my mind when the receptionist told me it was in a shopping center along with Bag-N-Save and Dollar General, but I thought, "hey, don't judge too soon."
Yeah, I wish I had just canceled.
Brennan freaks out at dentists...every time.
We went to a great dentist WAY out in the Millard area, but it really is a LONG trip and I wanted to find someone close to home. I wish I had just went back to Dr. Hohnstien or whoever Brennan went to the first time we went to a dentist here.
The receptionist was nice enough as was the dental hygienist, Julie. However, they kept telling freaked out Brennan to be quiet for the other patients (oh, it wasn't even pediatric why was it listed as so on my cigna online stuff?). Yeah. Not happening.
Then, they said the dentist said he did not have to get x-rays...HELLO...he had FIVE cavities last time he went to the dentist and had to be put to sleep to have them filled. I tried asking for them but was told it wasn't needed every time. Evil or Very Mad
So, no x-rays to see if there were more cavities.
Oh, we got there 20 minutes early and got right in...then, at 5 minutes past our scheduled appt. starting time, as Julie is trying to get Brennan to open his mouth for the cleaning, she says, "We really need to get this done Brennan. We have other patients waiting to get their teeth cleaned, too." was only FIVE minutes after we should have even gotten there. one was in the waiting room
#3...I don't give a crap what your schedule is like, right now you are dealing with MY CHILD and should not be worried about someone else...maybe don't schedule so many people at once???
So, as soon as Brennan was done (all they did was count teeth, shine a light at the cavities, and clean them/floride rinse, didn't even floss them) I was out of there. They gave me a return appt. card with the six month can bet your sweet tooth we will NOT be returning.

3 Words to brighten my day:

Leah said...

I had that same experience once. I called the insurance company and complained. Then the dentist office called me to try to "explain what happened"!! Like I wasn't there to know for myself!

Yeah, I wouldn't take my son back either.

Anonymous said...

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Kathy said...

man I guess I should feel blessed, I love our pedi-dentist. The kids actually go tomm. morning.