Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple Pickin'

Our Family...see Fat Baby grow

Bart...thinking we needed more and more apples (we left with 53!)

Relaxing after a hard day's work

At the pumpkin patch

My buddy Jack

This weekend our family joined up with a few friends and went to Ditmar's Orchard to pick apples straight from the trees. The boys were both very excited about this idea, esp. Jackson who had just heard all about apple picking at the library's story time (talk about a timely topic!).

The day was a bit overcast, with a slight breeze...lovely for hiking around and finding the perfect apples. Luckily, we didn't have to hike up the monster hill to get to the apples though...we went on a tractor ride. I honestly don't think I could have walked up (and then back down!) that hill!

Ditmar's Orchard had a lot to offer, a play place, a store where they sell apples and other produce, along with different sauces and jams, apple cider slushies (YUM-O), fresh pies and homemade cider, etc. They also have a horse shoe pit and a corn maze, but since Jackson and Mom were beat, we skipped out.

So, what are our plans for all those apples, you might ask?
  • Well, I stored some to eat throughout the next few weeks, using the plastic bag in the crisper drawer method (there are lots of ways out there, I just chose this one b/c it was easiest).
  • I baked an apple pie last night (sadly NOT using Maren's delicious recipe...Bart is not a fan of crumb toppings.) Though it was good, I think the recipe called for too much brown sugar and made it too sweet, if there is such a thing.
  • I also made apple breakfast risotto in the crockpot last night, and Bart ate probably two huge bowls full last night and then took even more to work for today! I was going to be a wonderwoman wife and wake up at midnight to turn on the crockpot, then vetoed that idea and cooked it before bed instead.
  • Today I am making applesauce in the crockpot...we will see how that goes.
  • I plan on baking a bread pudding with shredded apples...I will post that recipe later because it is GOOD and easy!
  • Bart better be planning on eating at least one apple a day, since he is the one who kept going back for more and more :-)
  • Brennan took some to school this morning for his teacher and her assistant...suck up kid!
After all this creating with apples, I think I will take a break for a few days. Then it will be back to creating deliciousness with them.

Got any good apple recipes? Share them here or post a link so I can check them out. I have a few more I've found online, but I'd love to hear about your tried and tested recipes, too.

9 Words to brighten my day:

thecaillouets said...

i wish we lived near you to try your yummy apple everythings! you're such a great cook. and so cute pregnant too!

Emily said...

Mmmm... I don't have any great recipes, but I'd like yours!

Jessica said...

sarah, just click on the links and you will be taken to the recipes i've used so far. if you like crumb on top of your apple pie, then you must try maren' is so good.

Jamie said...

Mmmmm . . . I love apples! I went through a phase my freshman year at LSU where I ate almost nothing but apples and Clearly Canadian (my two favorite things). I got down to an unhealthy weight and kept getting sick with colds. I was overzealous about having the ability to choose what I ate and when I ate it since I didn't live at home anymore. Once I noticed the adverse health effects, I returned to eating a less-tasty but better balanced diet.

Nicole said...

The pictures from the orchard are fabulous. They look professional.
My favorite apple recipe is fruit salad. Just mix cut up apples, canned pineapple chunks (without the juice), some maraschino cherries (use a little juice too if you want a pink salad), koolwhip and marshmallows. It's super yummy.

Jenn said...

That looks like so much fun. I want to try the risotto. Giada does a lot of risotto on the Food Network.

Jenn said...

p.s. these pics would make for an adorable scrapbook page. :)

Lexi said...

Wow! I bet there's nothing like fresh from the tree apples instead of the wax coated ones at the grocery store. And apple slushies! That sounds REALLY delish!

What's the plastic bag method for the crisper drawer? I always just leave my apples in the bag I got them in and throw them in the drawer so I'm wondering whay your trick is.

All of those apple things sound yummalicious, Maybe when I'm done with my pumpkin kick, I will have to try apples too (although mine won't be from an hoo!) I love your pumpkin pictures too. I just love this whole season- you don't have to try very hard to get photo opps because they're everywhere!

Holly said...

How fun. I'm jealous of the apple orchard nearby. Those are great pictures!