Friday, October 31, 2008

I've created a MONSTER!

It's Halloween, sure. And Jackson IS dressing up like a clown-alien-banana-cat-monster, but I don't believe that allows him to ACT like a monster until tonight, and then a nice "scary" monster.

He was a perfect angel at my OB appt. Quiet, listening to heartbeat and saying, "thump, thump" while patting his chest, reading a book while OB checked me (he was by my head locked in his stroller, so he saw nothing...he had a slight fever yesterday so I didn't want him to go to babysitter today, even though his fever is gone) Jack took over. He threw a fit in Target, kicking Fat Baby (AKA my stomach!) while in the cart, so he did not get the trick or treat bag he wanted. He threw a fit in K-Mart, so he got an early nap time when we got home, with much fussing before he fell asleep. Thank goodness K-Mart had blue hair spray for less then $7 (is Wal-Green's for reals?) for Brennan's NEW costume...a blue LEGO. (The vampire cape was lame, yep, and it apparently strangled the poor boy. So, he came up with the idea of being a, economic kid!)

I am wondering what got into him and I really hope it hopped out by the end of nap time or else somebody just might not be trick or treating tonight...though that means less candy for ME, so we will see how punishment is issued if the monster remains. (However, less candy for ME means less weight gained for me, so maybe that is a good thing...)

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Nicole said...

Oh yes, we're dealing with tantrums right now too. What gets me is how completely random they are. It's like one minute she's smiling and happy and the next minutes she turns into a screaming and kicking monster.