Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boo...I want that one!!!!!!

Today Jackson saw an adorable (?) dragon costume at Old Navy...on sale for $13! I have a ten dollar off card, so it would only be $ that's adorable.

Well, or course O.N. did not have it in his size, or any size near his. Bats, sure, ninjas and elephants, yep...but no dragons.

After checking online and calling all the stores in the area I discover NONE of them have the costume Jackson desires so much.


Now I am going to have to go back to my plans to sew him a monster costume.

I really wish he'd change "monster" to "werewolf"...because Brennan is going to be a vampire and how freakin' awesome would it be to have a vampire and a monster as my children? I can be pregnant Belle (b/c she wasn't beautiful yet) and we'll all be happy campers.

Halloween is still a few weeks away and I still have at least one week before I need to actually make the costume for Jackson...plenty of time for O.N. to restock or for Jack to decide werewolves are WAY better then monsters...

2 Words to brighten my day:

Anonymous said...

Jessica did you call the Lincoln ON if they have one I can pick it up after work for Jack. Every little boy should get to pick their costume.

Holly said...

We had a children's place costume. The one that Kailey picked out was their witch costume, called all of the stores from here to Lake Charles, none, looked on line, none! So now I am going to attempt to sew her a witch costume. Unfortunately my sewing skills are not very good :( Good thing Jeni lives right one block up!