Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too Busy for free rodeo tickets?

I have been very busy this week...thus no posts! I have great pictures of the boys in matching Easter outfits (identical...ha!), pictures from Death Cab concert, and today we had Jackson's friends birthday party. day (soon) I will post some pictures and stuff about all the great fun we've had lately, just as soon as life slows down a little.
BUT...for right now...let me tell you, I am freaking. A friend of mine told me about this cool website, I am going to get to go to the Pro Bull Riding Championship...I am going to bring Brennan with me (I think I get two Rodeo tickets. Too bad it is not three or four, but hey, you can't argue with free, right???). They also have some Jason Mraz, I tell you what, if I were to be given the chance to go to that concert for free...I would PEE my PANTS from excitement. Come on RazorGator...pick me!!! I will take the BEST pictures and write the GREATEST post EVER if you do :-)
So, if you want to be an EVENTCHASER like me, just go to the site and join up. I mean, who would say they don't want to go to crazy cool events for free???

3 Words to brighten my day:

Connie said...

Free is great! Have a great time!

Jeni said...

Actually, yes I am...thanks for asking.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the linking to my site. I saw Event Chaser and immediately thought of you. I'm glad you're getting some good tickets out of it. The perks of blogging rock!