Friday, April 10, 2009

No Tears Today

There's something kind of scary about a dude dressed up in a giant costume pretending to be an imaginary character beloved by children all over the world.

I get this.

The boys lived in fear this Christmas that I would drag them to the mall and make them hang out with a creepy old dude in red pants with a scraggly beard Santa Claus, requesting they SMILE for the camera. Well, joke's on them...I was too cheap this year to do that. (However, a few friends have since told me that you can snap a few pictures for free when visiting the mall Santa so next year the boys are not safe!)

Today some friends (a small group, just 17 or so...) of MOM's went to a local outdoor shopping mall for lunch and a visit with the Easter Bunny. Brennan seemed excited...he had met Casey the blue lion and Herman the peanut at the Omaha Royals Family Fest Wednesday and he was excited to pose for a picture with them, making me believe his fear of mascots/imaginary childhood friends was gone. Jackson was NOT happy to see the crazy blue lion and the weird nut walking around Rosenblatt Stadium, so I just knew he would not like the see the Easter Bunny.

Well, I was wrong. I guess there is safety in numbers because Jackson went up to see the creepy man pretending to be a bunny Easter Bunny with all the other kids (there were at least 7 of them) and I got a decent picture of all three boys sitting with the loser who couldn't even get a job selling watches in a back alley highly skilled man in a bunny suit...and no bribery or threats were needed.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Kristen said...

Such a cute picture of them!!!

Lexi said...

The boys look so cute!

Oh, and Brennan is such a cool big brother- you can tell he really looks out for J and E!

Hope you're having a Happy Easter weekend!