Friday, April 3, 2009

Babysitting Blues

Today I am babysitting for a friend. She has two little boys, ages one and three, and they are having a blast playing with Jackson. (Well, right now they are all watching "Polar Express") I don't really mind babysitting when my children get along with the babysat children. It actually makes my life easier. AND I love trading. It pains me to pay for a babysitter, though at times it must be done.

Today everything is going great...until...

I smell IT.

Why is it that anytime a child is babysat, they feel it is necessary to poo for the babysitter? I know my children do it, too, so I feel okay in posting this complaint. It's not just me complaining, but those who watch my children as well.

There should be a pill the children have to take before being dropped off that temporarily stops all bowel movements.

Any scientist want to tackle that for me? I'll be forever grateful...I might even bake you a cake as a thank you.

What do you hate about babysitting or childcare in general? Let me know. Or share a funny story about a babysitting experience you've had or a poo experience.

All this talk about poo is making me want to share about this time when I was out shopping while visiting Washington state with my mom, Brennan as a two month old, and my Aunt Julie...maybe next time, or somebody let me know if I've already shared the story of the poopy changing room.

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15 Words to brighten my day:

Lauren said...

Yuck. That happened my very first time babysitting. It exploded and was so gross. Why oh why? Let me know if you discover that pill!

Lexi said...

I love that 'IT' was written in brown- you are too funny!

Unless it's explosive poop or it keeps happening again and again {which just nauseates me}, the diapers don't bother me too much- only because I've been a babysitter, nanny, preschool teacher and mommy now for more years than I can count on my fingers! I'm used to being on some kind of diaper duty {but I will say I don't love it- who does?!}.

An anti-poo pill would be GREAT though! I think you would make kazillions if you invented that.

Things I hate about babysitting-

Disciplining someone else's child when you aren't sure of their own 'house rules'.

Crying, whining, hitting, pushing, snatching, scratching, etc...


That just makes me crazy- especially when Mom is oblivious to how her 'angel' is when she's not around. And really, are you going to burst her bubble when she has twinkles of joy in her eye when asking how junior was?

Child care is a tough job.

But I'll do it any time if I can swap and not have to pay $35 to $40 bucks just to go out {and that's only for the babysitting portion- that's not even the date!}

Hopefully you'll be in the free and clear {no more poop for you!} the rest of the day. Good luck!

Lexi said...

As for a poo story...

You know how you have to go to your OB/GYN shortly after you've delivered to make sure everything down there is ok?

Well, I had to go by myself since Troy had to head back to work- so there I was in just that thin paper gown they give you feeling all exposed when 1 month old Peyton decides that he's hungry.

The Dr. comes in, sees him crying as I'm about to get him out, asks if he's hungry which I answer probably to and so she says that she'll come back in a few minutes.

No good- that means that she'll be back in another 20 minutes!

So I feed Peyton and put him back in his carrier and get back on the table. Right then, the Dr. walks back in, looks over at Peyton and asks "What is that?"

He had pooped through his entire outfit, up the back to his shoulders, all over his legs, etc.

So she excuses herself and says she'll be back AGAIN. Ugh!

So I retrieve him out of his carrier again {bare bottomed mind you} and proceed to strip him down and use 5 million wipes to bathe him and scrub off his carrier. Right when I've cleaned him off and am about to put a new diaper on him, he shoots pee into the air and all over the floor.

I started crying.

I hurried up and got him dressed, wiped up the floor and the examining table as quick as I could and was still trying to tidy up when the Dr. comes back in. Thankfully, I was all situated- Peyton fed and changed so she began her questions and exam.

That didn't stop Peyton from crying mid examination. I will forever remember that as the WORST day ever as a new and frazzled sleep deprived Mom.

And I get to look forward to that explosive poo all over again in only 2 short months! :-{

Good times.

Cathi said...

As someone who hasn't ever just had her own kids around I'm definitely full of babysitting and poo horror stories. The worst for poo is when it's really stinky and you're expecting - I've literally had to run to the bathroom to throw up from some of the stinkiness.
As for babysitting blues, I just miss being able to do what I want when I want with my kids. Right now Ainsly can't take dance because the kid I watch doesn't get picked up until after the last class starts. It makes me feel like my kid is being deprived because I'm babysitting, which is why I'm quitting in May - woohoo! Although it'll be wierd when kid 3 comes along and the others are in school. I won't know what to do with just one kid!

MommyRU said...

I was at the dmv a few months back and Nanna dropped a bombin her pull up (stinky enough for Christian to announce to the whole place"Nanna went ca-ca and it SMELLS!!!") I went into the dmv restroom..which had a funky-clean-but-not-really-sanitized smell to it. As I am wiping Nanna up, I feel a lump in my throat...sure enough...puke!!!!!!!ugh!!!SO I take her off the diaper changer thing, but her shoes are off because I was changing her into a cheap Target pull-up with no tags, so I have to puke into the sink as I hold her mid air so that her feet don't touch the times indeed.
That pill would have made that errand 100X's easier!!

Lori O said...

Speaking of poo, my DH has had quite the poo filled week. Sunday we had friends over for dinner and Zach had a blow out all over Jeff's lap. He was quite embarrassed and not really sure what to do. Then he came home tonight and told me Max had a poop accident in his underwear, in public no less. I feel bad that I find so much delight in things like this, but it really does kind of brighten my day when it's not me!

The Awesome Rawsons said...

It seems like every time Jack poos i have to give him a bath. the other day, it was in his hair, on his elbows, behind his knees...
the worst one was about a month ago. it was so bad that i wound up getting some on my face (he had it on his hand and then touched my face during the changing process). After cleaning up the wreckage, I could still smell poo and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Then I was in my NOSTRIL.

cstasi said...

I just don't like dealing with other kids' bad behaviors. It is hard enough to deal with my own, let alone throwing another kids' into the mix.

Amy said...

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Janelle said...

It's funny. When my now-8-year-old daughter had just potty-trained, she would NOT NOT NOT go poo at someone else's house! I mean, it was awful! I often left her with a friend, and she had what my friend called the "potty dance" that she did everytime she watched her. She would pee, but there was no WAY she was going to do anything else! My friend and I teased her about that for a long time after she got over it.....

Abby said...

I do feel bad when my son poops for the babysitter (which we rarely have) but I don't feel one bit bad when he poops at daycare. In fact I expect it to happen! When he comes home and THEN has a big poop I am like WTH??? I figure that is what I pay them for and I am thrilled any time I don't have to deal with poop. Is that wrong?

mom2boys said...

My son is still in diapers...can't wait to get started on this potty training. It's funny now, but until he was few months old he would never poop when someone else was caring for him. Not even for Daddy! He would smile and I some times think he intentionally waited for me to be

Crissy said...

Something I used to hate about babysitting was being underpaid to watch an overly-awful child. (Being in hell for 4 hours does NOT equal $12..nope, sure doesn't!).

Poop experience...well, sweet baby Kylee had diarrhea after a week long antibiotic. I went to get her out of her bouncy chair (after I took a 10 min shower) and when I picked her up..I swear my eyes started to water and I gagged..she smelled awful, I turned her around and could see poop more than halfway up her back (she was wearing a dark green onsie too!)..*Puke*..She was so smiley though, I just trucked through and hosed her off.

Unknown said...

When Brea was just a few months old my grandmother and I took her shopping about a half an hour away. After leaving one of the stores I took a moment to change her diaper. At the exact same time she decided it was time to go poo. Oh and of course it couldn't be the nice formed kind no it had to be the runny stuff. Not only was it runny but it was also projectile! So yes I had a nice clean outfit for Brea, but Mommy was out of luck. It had gotten a nice little area on my pants and we still had to go to Kohls! So I did what any self respecting Mom would do. I used a baby wipe and got it off as well as I could and hoped for the best!