Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sugar High

Ever seen Empire Records? I used to ♥ that movie and watch it all the time. One of the soundtrack songs is called "Sugarhigh". Although this song is not really appropriate to post here, it was running through my head this morning as I was decorating a cake.

I feel like I am on a sugar high lately. I made this beast of a cake last Friday for a friend's birthday. (Then Bart, Ethan, and I went to her surprise party. It was great b/c I asked her what her plans for that night were and she replied, "Probably just dinner with the family. My DH didn't make big plans." or something like that.)

Today I made a small (really small, a single 8 inch and a single 6 inch) cake for Brennan's friend, Willa's birthday. It's just for her and her mom and brother, but I need the practice so I just baked her a cake and told her mom not to worry about getting or making one. I even used the letter mold my mom gave me a long time ago for the first time. It was not nearly as difficult to use as I thought and I liked the way the letters turned out, other then not planning the placement better and having the A overlap the pink circle. LIVE AND LEARN folks.

My next cake, to be decorated Saturday before the Pro Bull Riding event Bren and I are attending, is a birthday cake for Ms. Lexie who is turning FIVE! It's going to be a Camp Rock cake and I am hoping it turns out well. I've got big plans for if those plans translate into real cake, we will see.

So, enjoy my sugar high. I am...because I can't eat my creations. I just get to play with them, decorate them, and send them on their merry add inches to others waistlines.

6 Words to brighten my day:

Whitney Leigh said...

Oh!! Love the movie and love the song!!

Jennifer P. said...

holy cow! How can anyone eat those? They're too darn pretty!

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog the other day. I'm glad I come across as not too crazy :)!

Dawne said...

Pretty cakes!

Lexi said...

I've never seen Empire, but I sure do love a sugar high. I love cake in pretty much any form- except hold the super dark chocolate... blegh. You can fatten my waistline anytime! ;-)

Stacy Hutchinson said...

I have that soundtrack memorized! Great music, great movie, great cakes. I think I need one of your mom's dvds to learn her tricks.

Megan R. said...

Oh, I LOVE the polka dot cake! I want to make one like that, to take with me for MNI tomorrow! Too bad I'm not that crafty! Great work!