Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Morn'

Bucket's from Hobby Lobby, with the boys names written with a paint pen.

Brennan was VERY excited to find LEGOS from the Easter Bunny.On the hunt in the was chilly out.
Do you see the hiding egg? Jackson didn't for about two or three minutes, even with me giving huge clues.
Identical outfits for my cute boys.

Thunder thighs...I need to find the picture of Jackson in the basket to compare. Of course, Jack was only a few days old, as opposed to Ethan's almost five months.
The Easter Bunny brought Ethan two new bottles, a bottle brush, and a teether/rattle.

5 Words to brighten my day:

Jenn said...

OH I freakin love their outfits! What cuteness they all are. Easter buckets are such a cute idea. I've stayed out of Hobby Lobby the past few months. Maybe I will visit when markus gets a job... :) Cute pics!

Lexi said...

Great job on the Easter buckets! I especially liked the way you wrote out Jackson's name with the fancy 'A'. Looks like a fun morning! And what was up with the weather? Usually Easter morning is beautiful and sunny- not here either. Just a lot of poopy rain. :-(

Holly said...

Good taste in Easter clothes, check out Eli when you get a chance :) Brillant minds think a like, right?

Felicia said...

Your family is adorable!!

-Veronica said...

Okay, I love the outfits and that one picture looks like he just layed a ton of eggs had me in stiches! lol