Friday, April 24, 2009

Isn't it funny...

First off, thanks to those of you who commented or emailed about my rut. It helps to have the love and support of family and friends. No juice boxes or snacks have shown up at my front door yet, but I am hopeful. :-)
Now, isn't it funny that today I was not going to get on the computer until nap time. I have things to do today.
But, feeling like I should go ahead and pay my online bills, I decided to go ahead and take a peek.
And...isn't it funny that one of the blogs I stalk had a bit of inspiration for me. The blogger is LDS and decided to post a talk she had given in an adult session of stake conference a few years ago. Although her struggles are very different then mine, some of her insights from her life and the scriptures were just the perfect things for me to read and relate to my own life and my own struggles. That is one thing I love about the LDS so many talks, when based on the scriptures, can related directly to your own life.
Oh, and isn't it funny that her family was stationed in Ft. Polk for a time (and I am assuming it was in the 90's) and I used to be in Ft. Polk and was still in the Alexandria stake when she lived there (I assume)...we could have attended a stake conference together or something.
So, isn't it funny that Heavenly Father is always watching out for you, sending small bits of love and help in funny places. Now, if He can just inspire Bart and me on how to fix the clog that is causing the basement shower to flood...

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Lexi said...

Whoa. Six kids, multiple tours of duty and then her husband kills himself. What a hard trial! It was a very good talk and I'm glad she posted it. How brave of her to be able to talk of those things to so many people at once. I hope you're feeling better and I hope that the spirit speaks to you and tells you what your next move is- even if its just to comfort you. Hang in there.