Monday, April 6, 2009

Jackson turns three!

Jackson, April 6, 2007, One Year Old on the dot

Today, at 9:20 a.m., something magical happened.
It was quiet, not noticed by any but a mother who was looking at a clock.
Jackson Gabriel turned three.

He has fought growing older with a vengeance. "I NOT GROW UP" has been a phrase heard often at our home, along with, "I stay TWO! I not be THREE!"

This morning, though, instead of saying "Good morning" to Jackson as he walks by Ethan's room as I nurse the baby (destined to grow up, one day...), I said, "Happy Birthday Jackson! You are three now!" I was expecting a fit to be thrown, but instead, I was greeted with a "Yes, Mama, I three now."Jackson, March 2009 (almost three)

I am excited for Jackson to be three. I think magical things will happen this year as he grows and matures. He is already a little charmer, just ask Trina, Candace, Megan, Joss, Cadence, Tessa, Meredith, etc, etc. He has a great sense of humor (must get it from me) and a very loving attitude towards his siblings.

So, my top three things about Jackson:

  1. He loves to hold Ethan and play with Brennan. Nothing makes him happier then to be with his brothers. I love this devotion to them.
  2. He is a total klutz, but has an amazing ability to not get hurt. He trips or slips all the time, and comes millimeters from major damage, walking away with merely a dazed expression, never knowing how serious the damage could have been. I can not tell you the number of times he's tripped and almost busted his head open. And he is great about "shaking it off", never letting an 'owie' get him down.
  3. He is the cutest just turned three year old ever. He loves to snuggle, but he also loves to be a little rascal. He is the worlds worst "looker" when asked to find something, even if it is right in front of him. And he has the cutest voice, even cuter then Brennan's.
Okay, so that is more then three things lumped into three, but I just love the little guy so much, it is hard to narrow it down. Now I need to get off the computer...a cake is screaming my name, just waiting for me to turn it into a Mickey Mouse Masterpiece.

6 Words to brighten my day:

Bart said...

Jessie, I hope Jackson doesn't get his sense of humor from you. Just because you have all of your faithful blog readers fooled doesn't mean you have me fooled. I'm the funny one in the family, and you are the one that can say no to the boys. Remember...

Bart = Fun!
Jessie = It's past your bedtime!

Lexi said...

I'm laughing at Bart's comment! {Sounds like Troy and I}. I'm all business and Troy gets to play cool Dad when he gets home. It's okay though, because I'm usually ready for a break!

I can't wait to see this Mickey Mouse Masterpiece! I know it's going to be awesome {knowing your cake decorating skills!}.

I also love how Jackson woke up and was finally ready to be three on his official birthday- that is so cute. And I think it's sweet that he's loving where he is right now and not itching to grow up too too fast.

He's definitely a 'Toys R' Us Kid' {remember that jingle? 'I don't wanna grow up, 'cause I'm a Toys R' Us kid!'} mixed with a little bit of Peter Pan. What a sweetheart!

Lorin and Heather said...

Happy Birthday, Jackson!! My goodness I can't believe how time flies. And Jessica I can't wait to see the cake.

Musings of the Mrs. said...

ooooh. Mickey cake. I can't wait to see a picture. Found you on SITS and wanted to stop by and say hello.

Lexi said...

I loved Donald's smoking bum on J's cake! Donald sure looked the part too of sour puss too! No wonder you were laughing so hard, I would be too! The cake turned out super cute. And I really liked your birthday crowns too.

MommyRU said...

What a great day for Jack!
Glad it was such a fun time!!
I loved the Donald pic!

p.s. If anyone can pull off funny and all-business simultaneously, it's you!! Bart just needs to come to terms with it! ;)