Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Taking Part in History

Since the big ball of fury that is supposed to be Bart's family decided to ditch us and get out of dodge a few days earlier then expected, we decided to head to the Children's Museum today for a bit of family fun to try and cover up the fact that the things we told the boys we would be doing weren't going to be done, mainly spending time with family.
It turned out to be a good day to go to OCM, though, because there were Inaugural events throughout the museum, including an exhibit about Presidential Elections, how they work, what you do, and through the years.

We first headed to the White House to see what all the fuss was about. The crowds you see on t.v. are all computer generated, we guess. We didn't have any trouble getting a seat right on the lawn.

Second we went and met the masses of screaming fans (or supporters?) wanting to shake our hands and have us touch their baby. To be honest, it was a bit creepy, especially the floating baby.

Third we met President Obama. He's a bit taller then on t.v., but very thin. I think the White House kitchen staff has a big job ahead of them in fatting him up a bit. The boys were not impressed. They liked the floating baby much more then meeting the president.

Lastly, we headed into the White House where I decided I'd be a much better president then Obama, so I just took over. You should see how cute the oval office is now. I put up some vinyl clings, arranged to have a scrapbooking station installed, and even decided to repaint the White House a lovely shade of purple and gold.

So, we might have been disappointed in a lot of things, such as our plans and the election turn out, but our day at the OCM was not a disappointment at all. I'm glad we were able to enjoy a day as the happy family that we are.

2 Words to brighten my day:

thecaillouets said...

that's so cool that they had all that at the museum. i LOVED the floating baby. who comes up with those things?

Lexi said...

I ♥ this post! I laughed out loud! You guys must have thick skin because you didn't look cold once in any of those pictures! The screaming fans were a little creepy though- I think I'd make a run for it if I saw a floating baby. That's too much like "The Ring" for me. Also, the White House could use a little color right now- why not purple and gold? It could be a first! ;-)