Friday, January 9, 2009

Sleepy, Stats, Sweet, and Stalling

That's me right now (naptime, here I come!) and Jackson yesterday. (Notice cheeto stains on shirt. You'd think he'd be a happy boy)

STATS: Jackson is 33.6 pounds and 36 inches tall.
Ethan is 12.5 lbs. and 22 1/2 inches tall.
Brennan...well, he wasn't with us so I don't know.

SWEET: Jackson was playing "Rescue Heros" yesterday and Ethan was hanging out in his Boppy. Jackson did not want Ethan to be bored so he shared his toys with Ethan (Sorry nicknames have stuck yet!).
{Pictured in background, our cool SHARK shaped tent! It takes up a lot of space but the boys love it!}

STALLING: Instead of blogging or sleeping (WHAT? There are things to do besides that?) I should be starting the clean up process for when my father-in-law and brother-in-law come next week. I am not going to stress about it too much, but the toy room {guest room} needs straightened (not that much, though, b/c Bren posted a "Closed FOREVER until next November" sign on the basement and he has followed his own request. He thinks the toy room will stay clean if he avoids going down there. True, but...), the green room (AKA the computer room) needs to have the toys organized a bit (where the new Christmas toys hang out until the basement is open for business again), and my scrapbooking stuff that I temporarily am storing in the dining room needs straightened. That's really all. Oh, and the top of the fridge needs organized. I am surprised all the stuff hasn't avalanched off of it yet. I wish I had a picture of that! It's where I store board games so Jackers won't spread them all over the house, Bob the fish's food so he is not overfed, and the room sprays by Bath and Body Works so our house does not smell like a huge pumpkin spice apple blossom all day long!

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Jamie said...

The clean up stuff is so funny! The whole time, I was like, "yep, got that, too. Yep, I need to clean that up, too. That sounds just like my house (minus the basement, of course)." I even have Bath and Body Works Room spray and a pile of who-knows-what-else on top of the fridge.