Thursday, January 22, 2009

And then I discovered IT!

This morning all was going well.

Bart and Brennan had been dropped where they needed to be (and on time), Jackson had used the potty two times (I think more for the choc. chips then to actually pee), and Ethan was sleeping. I decide to go ahead and take my shower while all was right with the universe.
Shower went fine. No interruptions from Jackson asking me to open this or build that. No crying Ethan as I turned the water off.

Ahhhh...the good life.

Then, as I stood in front of the mirror to comb my hair (in just my underclothes)...I saw IT!

Jiggly ARM FAT!

I threw down the comb, let out a squeal loud enough to wake Ethan, and ran out of the bathroom.

What I was running from, I can't say (b/c I don't know), but I ran. Jackson thought me running was a game so he joined in, only to slip on the air (?) and fall, thus ending my mini-freak out session.

Now I think I need to get my puny hand held weights back out of the closet and start working. I am WAY too young for jiggly arm fat. Right? Boy, I sure hope so. I hope this is just so fluke from a slightly steamy mirror.

I'm too afraid to go double check in the mirror. As a matter of fact, I am now wearing a big hoodie sweatshirt to cover it up. I may never wear a short sleeved shirt again.
And just for fun...a picture of Sir Rocks a Lot Brenners.

Go here for a sneak peek of “Love, Save The Empty” by amazing new artist Erin McCarley from the soundtrack for the movie "He's JustNot That Into You", opening Feb. 6 in theaters. I really liked this song and am considering buying the soundtrack if the other songs are as good as this one.

4 Words to brighten my day:

Dawne said...

Ahhhh! The dreaded "lunch lady"! I've had it for years, but it still mortifies me, lol

Lexi said...

Now you listen to me- you JUST HAD A BABY TWO MONTHS AGO! You are still recovering! I remember how awful I felt after having Peyton because I felt like I no longer had pregnancy to blame the weight on. It will come off for you as it eventually did for me too but it takes a while {I know you know this}.

Maybe you could look into a gym membership soon since Ethan is now old enough to be in most child care programs and some gyms will provide it for a small charge. Plus, he won't be all alone- Jackson will be there to keep him company too. You don't have to go every day, just take a few classes that interest you. Maybe the local Park and Recreation Center also offers some classes for cheaper than a full gym membership. Get a good buddy to join you for some exercise sessions. That helped me immensly when Jeni and I met up to do our runs because I couldn't talk myself out of it and say I didn't feel like it that day- I knew Jeni would be waiting for me and I didn't want to let her {or myself down}.

Or when it warms up start working your way up to jogging around the neighborhood- you can also pull out the free weights and keep a set near the computer or the couch when you're checking email or watching an evening show and tone up your arms.

For added fun, use Ethan as a baby weight- fun for him and a work out for you.

BTW: You are beautiful just the way you are. One day you'll look back at pictures and realize that you're not as bad off as you thought you were. {♥} you to pieces. Don't beat yourself up- I know where to find you :-)

Holly said...

hey sucker, i'm with lexi you did just have a baby! probably just water retention right?? :) i wouldn't assault an innocent comb over something like that until Ethan was more like a year old, or maybe 2.

Megan R. said...

I have lunch lady arms. Even after lugging Carson everywhere, they still haunt me, and won't go away. Maybe it's a Mom thing?