Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monday evening there was a knock on the door, followed by the noise of a large truck driving away. A UPS truck to be exact.
The boys raced to the door and found a box.
Who was it for? They were dying to open it, but I made them wait for a few minutes while I finished up dinner before they could open it.
Inside were gifts from Aunt Cay and Uncle Harvey. Brennan saw his name first and starts yelling he needs to open it. Well, or course I had to first grab my camera. Giving Brennan those few seconds allowed him to see the wrapping paper on his gift was "The Christmas Story", which he'd seen with Bart, so he got even more excited.
The boys quickly opened their gifts and discovered two NERF basketball goals. SCORE one for Aunt Cay. They LOVE them.

Okay, now on to the real reason for this post.
Ethan received a small blue bear with "My First Bear" monogrammed on his chest. Cute and cuddly.

Well, last night I had Brennan call Aunt Cay to thank her for thinking of them and sending the gifts (sorry you didn't the same call Sam...). I coached him on what to say when someone answered the phone and how to tell her thank you.

Brennan did very well...until Aunt Cay asked something about Ethan (I guess this is what started a change from good to bad...)

Here's what I hear:

B: Aunt Cay, I just don't understand something.

B: Well, the bear for Ethan says, "My First Bear" on it, but it is not Ethan's first bear.

B: Papa Jeff already bought him a bear, so it is his second bear, really.

He proceeded to say he loved her (I think) and goodbye (I hope) as I sat there dying.

I hope Aunt Cay has a good sense of humor and knew he didn't mean it in a judgmental sort of way, just a "curious 5 year old who doesn't know when to stop" kind of way.

Thanks for the gifts Aunt Cay...the boys really do love them and have kept themselves entertained ever since...and first bear, second bear...who's counting, really. He just knows he is loved.

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