Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Patty Cake, Patty Cake

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man.
Bake me a cake as fast as you can.
Pat it and roll it and mark it with "B"
And put it in the oven for Baby and me.

For my birthday, the boys (on their own...honestly. I was going to bake a cheesecake!) decided I needed a cake and that they would bake it. So, we set off to Target (where else? We needed to see the post-Christmas sale stuff, anyways!) and the boys picked what to bake. Brennan, being older, got to pick first. He picked a white cake with sprinkles already in the mix. Jackson, being wiser, got to pick the frosting. He picked pink vanilla with sprinkles. Then, we got home and the boys got to work, just like their Grandma Cupcake does.
My Baker's Men...(you know, P.C., P.C., Bakers man...)
Ready to bake me a cake as fast as they can.
(I'm on the lookout for some great fabric for MAN aprons. I think my mom has some SpiderMan or tractor prints I might steal this summer)
Jackson adds the cake mix.Turning on the mixer. Brennan was very serious about his jobs. (Here's the "roll it and pat it" part...but honestly, what cakes are rolled and patted?)
Watching it stir...if you don't do this, it can burn, you know? (where, oh, where does Brennan come up with this stuff?)
Jackson chose to bake his cake in a 6 inch round pan. Brennan chose a small square one.
Tossing it in the oven (No, I did not really let Jackson do that...but he HAD to carry it to the oven for me to put it in the oven.) Notice my new red pots? I love 'em and can't wait to add a few red accents to the ugly green kitchen.After the cakes were frosted the boys enjoyed the "leftover" frosting. (No worries...that spoon did NOT return to the finished product.)
Brennan frosted the circle and Jackson did the square. (Okay, so I helped a lot with the square and in order to get frosting on the sides of the circle I had to do that, too)
The best sprinkle application technique? Tossing it with all your might. (I guess this would be the "Mark it with a "B" for Baby and me...which I never understood. Why mark it before it's frosted? Also, I don't even say that. Instead, I say {after "Fast as you can"}"Roll it up, Roll it up...{Dramatic pause} and THROW it in the pan!" Once again, who throws cake? But that's my version.) Notice the TONY'S seasoning and the LightSaber? Two must haves in every kitchen.The finished product, displayed by two fabulous bakers in training.
(Notice the traces of frosting on their faces???)

Enjoying the fruits of the boys labors.

The cake was as good as any cake from a box with no doctoring can be and we all really enjoyed the cake...though we left the corner with missing frosting for Jackson. (Notice my cricuit in the background? I went from having 2 cartridges to 7...well, I will be getting three really soon...what a great b.day present, right? Now my scrapbooks will have some variety!)

I love that my boys are so thoughtful that they wanted to do something special for Mommy and that they noticed that it was something I do for them.

10 Words to brighten my day:

Cathi said...

How sweet! You are raising such thoughtful boys! And I'm totally jealous of you having 7 cricuit cartidges! I only have two :(

Angelkris said...

You'll have to explain the whole cricuit cartrides thing to me another time. I take it Jackson is feeling better now? Cake always makes the ickies go away!

Lexi said...

Ok, I totally laughed out loud at the part where Brennan said you have to watch it stir or it can burn-that boy has been so traumatized by all of the fire alarm fiasco's in the past! That is too funny.

They did such a good job- they are beaming from the great work they did! What cutie pies!

Oh, and I am totally jealous that you have a cricut. I don't even scrap book and I STILL want one- those things are awesome! Will you post some pictures when you are done so I can see all of the cool things you can do with it?

Jessica said...

Lexi, I am going to use it to cut out Mickey Mouse heads to make invites for Jack's b.day and then smaller heads to use as cupcake toppers (on a toothpick of course!)

Lexi said...

That sounds really cute!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

I have no idea what a cricuit is. I
thought that you misspelled something. I love your whole project with the boys: letting them pick out the cake and icing and all the rest. I think everyone sings a different version of pat-a-cake. Happy belated birthday, if i didn't say so earlier.

Jenn said...

You can tell who scrapbooks and who doesn't huh? I'm so jealous you got a cricut! Now is it the 12 or the 24?? As soon as I saw the 24" I fell out of love the the 12... funny how that happens. Oh and 7 cartridges, they would be stolen if you lived closer to me :) Your boys are the cutest, sweetest things... and the pink icing, who could ask for more? Where was Bart during all of this?

Holly said...

That was really sweet that they wanted to bake you a cake. They did a great job too.

I'm a little jealous of the cricut too, and 7 cartridges!

I sing Pat a cake the same way, dramatic pause and all.

Jessica said...

Poor old Bart was at work. He's baked me cakes before, too. For some reason all cakes baked for me by my boys are pink!
Jenn...I have the6x 12 inch. My mom has the 24. Though the bigger one would be great...if I really need something that large, I will very sweetly ask my favorite scrapper in Omaha if I can use hers :-)

Diana said...

I loved all the little notice comments in parentheses.... :) it was like a bonus seek-n-find in the pictures :)

I'm sure your favorite scrapper in Omaha would let you... you have been linked to other sites as "favorite" yourself.