Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jack gets a much needed haircut

There has been this little battle raging in our house. Not as big a battle as "the battle of jacob feathers", but a battle none-the-less.
The battle of Jackson's hair.
See, Bart liked it long and shaggy. Me, I wanted it cut nice and clean.
I was "letting" Bart win, and this morning, I dreamed of a nice treaty...I'll get Jackson's hair cut today and then let it go until Jackson's birthday (in April!). It worked.
Thankfully, Amie could cut it this afternoon and Jackson was a perfect client. He sat very still, listened to her instructions, and did not make a peep.
Check it out...what do you think? Handsome or what???

6 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

Very handsome indeed.

Cathi said...

I love the new haircut. What is is with husbands and their boys having shaggy hair! I practically had to sneak Dawson in for a hair cut a few weeks ago. David was totally against it until I started putting his hair in ponytails so it wouldn't be in his face, then all of a sudden he thought a hair cut was a great idea!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

I like longer hair on boys, but I finally broke down last night and cut Ian's hair. I was tired of everyone calling him a girl. I had to be sneaky and do it while Josh was gone. He would have protested. Jackson looks so handsome with his new haircut. I do like it both ways, though.

Jenn said...

HE has the perfect hair to wear it long or short. I think it looks great! He looks older :)

Maren said...

Brad likes Brant's hair longer too. But I LOVE short hair. I hope the shaggy look is out of style when the kids get to the teenage years. Jack's hair looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks so good! Nathan is the opposite of Bart, he wants to give him a buzz cut. No! You can't cut off Viggo's beautiful curls, no, never!! Anyway, Jackson's haircut looks super cute!