Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I really do. Now, occasionally I don't feel this way, as my foot throbs from stepping on one, but overall...I think they are the best toy EVER!
See, for Christmas two (?) years ago, my younger brother, Justin, gave Brennan all his legos from his childhood. Justin had a LOT of legos. Well, I assumed Brennan was too young (at the time I was probably right) and put them away...until about a year ago, when I pulled a few out. Brennan loved them, Jackson liked to dump them out. Life is good.
Now even Jackson can build some things and it is amazing to see the boys imaginations at work. Jackson just brought me two legos crisscrossed and told me it was an airplane for Indiana Jones.
Brennan got a few of the new kits for his birthday this past year, but he is more interested in creating his own designs then following the directions (which I actually had to do and maybe complained about in a post) and sticking with the finished product.
When deciding which toys to bring up from the basement for the next few weeks (my parents will be sleeping in the "toy" room/basement) I knew legos and megablocks were a must. I will post in a few weeks to say if the legos kept their appeal the entire time or if I had to go bring some other things up to entertain them as well...

3 Words to brighten my day:

Kathy said...

Isn't that funny. Emma loves to play with them too.

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Our fav. is Tinker toys. We always have rockets and conducting batons all over the house. I want to get Ayden some legos for Christmas. Glad to know they're working for you!

Holly said...

The last time we were at Joel's parents' his mom pulled out Joel's legos and Kailey had the best time with them.