Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Not Me and 7 Monkeys

Saturday, during the LSU game, I learned it's not from me that Jackson learned the phrase "Oh My Gosh!!" I don't really say this phrase, anyways (at least I don't think I say it a lot), so I was puzzled when Jackson started to say it, A LOT.
Then during the LSU vs. Alabama game, Bart was cheering a good play (towards the middle of the game) and beating his leg (as he does when he is on the phone with Will and watching LSU....he gets huge bruises!) and jumping around.
Next thing I know, Jackson is yelling, "LSU! Oh.My.Gosh! Geaux Tigers!" and jumping and beating his leg, just like DADDY! (I will put up a video of Jack when I asked him to cheer like Daddy, it's just upstairs and I am downstairs right now!)

And 7 Monkeys, it's a bar, but not. There is a large bar in the middle, it's dark, and obviously for adults, but kids are allowed (even have PB&J on the kids menu! AND smiley fries), there is no smoking, and everyone was very mild mannered. I actually kind of liked the atmosphere, though I wish the booth had had a tiny bit more room between table and back of chair, but I probably won't feel that way once Fat Baby is out. It was delicious and next time the gift certs. go on sale for such a great price I will get another one. Although...they are in the process of changing their menu, so who knows what next time will be like. We had a great waitress who just loved Jackson and his cute voice. (He really does have the cutest voice!) There are a few monkeys throughout the place, kind of hidden, and the boys loved finding them.

4 Words to brighten my day:

Doobie Star said...

We just got a Red Robin close to us. I have never heard of 7 Monkeys! How's the food there?

Lexi said...

That Coconut Chicken wrap sounds tasty to me. Too bad it's an Omaha original- I'll either have to come up there or just dream about what it might taste like. ;-)

I love how LSU football in your house is fast becoming a tradition passed down from father to sons. You can take an LSU fan out of Louisiana, but you can't take the Louisiana Tigers out of the hearts of true LSU matter where they live! Geaux Tigers!

Amie Carlos said...

We have been there a few times, and I didn't know that they had hidden monkeys... I can't wait to go again now so I can look for them!

Jessica said...

the food is pretty good ms. doobie star.

and amie, it's not a ton of monkeys, just a few stuffed ones here and there. i would not have noticed them, but the boys sure did!