Monday, September 22, 2008

A Tag

I am: about to take Bren to kindergarten
I think: the weatherman was wrong when he said no rain today!
I know: I need to mop the floors
I want: no debt, a new dishwasher, and to be able to sleep comfortably (darn belly)
I have: friends, family, and happiness (usually)
I dislike: mushrooms and vomit
I miss: Jamie girl, Louisiana friends/family
I fear: Bart's MS
I feel: excited that today is the first day of Fall!
I hear: rain (the door is open), Curious George
I smell: rain and a hint of jambalaya from dinner last night
I crave: Little Debbies, but she can't live at my house
I cry: when I am overly tired and start thinking of all the bad that's happened
I usually: only fold/put away laundry once a week
I search: for the perfect fabric to make a few accessories for Fat Baby's nursery
I wonder: what Fat Baby's name will be...Ethan???
I regret: not encouraging Bart to finish school years ago
I wish: I had bought a house right by Bren's school, not 1/2 a mile away
I love: my boys (Bart included as a boy), scrapbooking, and cooler weather
I care: about keeping my family safe and happy
I always: blog once a day
I worry: about my children's future, the economy, and not having enough
I am not: perfect
I remember: how much I hated winter, and now it is almost here again
I believe: that Heavenly Father can answer prayers
I sing:
I don't always: like the people I am around
I argue: that things are okay
I write: on my blog and on all the time!
I win: a great husband
I lose: the battle with weeds
I listen: to my children. They have so much to say.
I don't understand: why Bart's job is so hard for him right now
I can usually be found: napping :)
I need: to put up the dishes, to have Fat Baby a week or two early, and to go eat breakfast
I forget: almost all movies I see, and I never remember song lyrics
I am happy: that I have a healthy family and that I am close to the end of the pregnancy

Now I tag: Jeni C., Melissa, and Whitney

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