Friday, September 19, 2008

National Talk Like A Pirate Day

Pirates are a big deal around our house. Peter Pan is often in the DVD player, eye patches and hooks are the norm to be found abandoned after play, and the Little People Pirate Ship is never put away because it is used too much.

Well, today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day...
So, ARRR Mateys, how ye' be plannin' on celebratin' the day?
Me, well, I might just go to the 2008 Midlands Pirate Festival...aren't you jealous? If my skippers are well behaved, I might bring them along.

Maybe Cap't Jack (actually he's first mate, according to Cap't Bren), will be inspired enough to change his current Halloween costume dreams of a monster to a pirate...a pirate costume will be so much easier to create, don't you think?

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