Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just Jackson

This past Saturday Brennan attended a birthday party for a girl in his class. This was the first time only Brennan had been invited to a party and the first time I left him alone. The mother said it was up to me whether I stayed or went, but that there would be numerous adults there, both family and those who worked at the farm (how much fun is that? a b.day at a farm in the fall...perfect!) and were assisting with the party. After much debate, Bart and I decided he could go alone.

So, that left Jackson...who knows what a birthday party is and knew he was not able to go. We asked him what he wanted to do and his reply was "Go GOFIN!" (go golfing). So, off to putt-putt for 45 minutes of fun and games.

Jack is actually a pretty decent golfer...for teeing off, that is. Then, as the ball lands very close to the hole, where any person over the age of 5 would probably be able to knock it in for two strokes total...Jackson turns into a maniac. He goes round and round and round the hole, never quite getting it in, even when it is on the brink of doing so.

Luck for us, the putt-putt place was not busy, no one else was on our course, and we were able to let Jack play as he pleased, while serious putt-putter Bart played after Jackson.

The funniest part of the event? When Jackson REFUSED to let his ball go into #18...he KNEW that meant the fun and games were over and it was time to go home. With a little coaxing, he finally dropped the ball in, but cried as he did so.

I am glad we had an opportunity to have alone time with Jackson and both parents. It's one thing to hang out with him during the school day, but another when it is just Jackson and his Mommy and Daddy...I highly recommend everyone taking one kid at a time out on a "date"...well worth the $5 we paid for 45 minutes of putt-putt.

6 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

That's so cute. It sounds like it was a fun outting and that you guys have a lot of patience for put-putting. Jackson's a smart cookie to figure out that hole 18 was the last hole. How sad that he didn't want it to end! I'll have to remember to have parent/single child playdates so that each kid can spend some time with us. That's a great idea!

Jamie said...

Sounds like Jackson and I have similar golf skills.

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Thanks for the one kid date idea. We'll have to try to do that.

Holly said...

Good advice. Funny that at that age he already has preferences for how he wants to spend his time; kids are amazing.

Jenn said...

Aww he's so cute. Sounds like he had a blast. Nice that yall could be with him, I'm sure he loved it being all about him. :O

Anonymous said...

Aww! How fun! I'm glad he got to have fun too. BTW, where did you go "gofin" =)