Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's a Sad, Sad Day

Yes folks, it's a sad, sad day here in our household.

Nope, not because the lawn mower broke (doesn't Big Daddy wish, and the meaning behind that is really just for my mom :-), but because the LSU game against Troy State has been canceled? postponed? I don't remember which, but I know there will be no fighting Tigers in action this Saturday.

The only good that comes from that is that the players have another week to practice and I won't miss any of it due to scrapbooking until I drop Friday night/all day/night Saturday.

I sure hope you guys in Baton Rouge get electricity quickly, and not just because a game was put off...we had no electricity after a large storm this summer and it was no fun. My thoughts are with you guys (and the power they work FAST and SAFE).

End of dorky rant...


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Jenn said...

Yeah it was a sad day when I heard that. I was looking forward to having my bday all to myself (with Markus of course) but noooo LSU has to play on the open date. grr... I would've rather gone to the game this past weekend, it would at least take my mind off everything. The stadium was a little sad looking though, see my pics on my blog