Friday, September 12, 2008

Pampered Chef Online Catalog Party

This is my last plug for my online Pampered Chef Party. I know many of you are still recovering from having to scavenge for food while having no electricity due to Hurricane Gustav and just don't have the budget for it. Heck, I don't have the budget for it. I just bought a new battery for the car ($100) and now my electric window won't roll up (it just makes a sad whining noise when I least I was able to pull it up before the rains came)

But, if you are interested...time is running out.

And thanks to those of you who were able to/wanted to order.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

Sorry, I wish I could shop for fun kitchen stuff but Troy just payed $1100 for his bar fee for Texas so we can get the heck out of dodge, AND we just payed rent of $1235 AND replaced groceries that we had to toss out {those condiments sure can set you back- you forget how much you use ketchup, mustard and miracle whip!} AND last month I payed $495 for dental work... so I really can't . :-(
Maybe next time! Come October we'll be back in the green again.

Jessica said...

sometimes life comes at you hard. i'm sorry to hear that...but when troy passes the TX bar and you guys can evacuate for good...think of how happy you'll be.