Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nesting? Or Just Tired of the Rat's Nest?

D.A....this post is for you!

Friday evening a friend and her children came by to drop off some adorable baby booties and tattoos for Jack (more on the tats tomorrow).
Bren took the kids on a tour of THE ENTIRE HOUSE! At least it was "kind of clean"...right? Wrong.
The basement looked as if it had been in a war, and in a way, it had...the war on clutter.
See, I throw whatever the boys misplace down the steps before company comes, which used to be fine, except that the basement door is off its hinges (long story) and there is no way to hide the clutter.
So, after being totally embarrassed at having my secret exposed, it was time to take action.
Saturday morning the boys went down to the basement and did not emerge until every item they possibly wanted to keep was put away, properly (or as close to it as a two year old can get). I had been feeling like the basement needed a good cleaning for a week or so, but I just didn't have the energy to do it myself and I wasn't motivated enough to get the boys to do it, until they shared my little Mischievous Mormon secret with the world.
I even straighten up my craft corner while I referred the boys.
Now, we are all able to enjoy a nice, clutter free basement.
And it only took about one hour to get it that way.

D.A.....why don't you come on over, and bring E. with you? There is now plenty of room to play Geo-Trax, or even dodge ball, as the boys and Bart discovered this afternoon.

5 Words to brighten my day:

thecaillouets said...

i vote nesting.

Diana said...

sure we'll come over - but by the time we're ready to go, your playroom will not look the same.... but dodge ball does sound fun!

Lori O said...

whatever it is, I have it too. I woke up yesterday determined to clear out EVERYTHING I deemed clutter. Today I'm even tackling my hubby's office!

Emily said...

It looks awesome!

Lexi said...

Don't you feel so refreshed when everything has a place? I always feel a million times better when the house has just been freshly cleaned.