Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How to Host A My Favorite Things Party

Last Friday was the "Second Annual My Favorite Things" party here. It was a blast and everyone had a good time. Now I keep getting asked, "What is a My Favorite Things party and what do you do to host one?"

Well, the idea of a My Favorite Things party for me began here, with Lexi and her great friends in New Orleans. Be sure you read not only her post, but the comments, too, because that might answer some questions/gives a few ideas.

So...what do you do?

First, each person buys X number of the exact same item. Here in NE, we chose 3, Lexi's party was 5. Make sure you pick a price limit, something everyone will be able to afford (both parties chose $5 as the limit). For the sake of this post, we will just use 3. So, if you love Starbucks, you might buy 3 $5 gift cards there. Or, if you love Pez candies, buy $5 worth of 3 candies/dispensers.

Next, wrap each of your identical gifts up. It's fun if the wrapping is exactly the same for all your gifts.

Third, invite over all your friends and instruct them to do the same as you did for #1 and #2. Then get ready for the party.

As each guest arrives, have her write her name on separate sheets of paper 3 times (or however many gifts you chose to have them bring) and put them all in the same bowl.

After mingling, snacks (we all brought our favorite desserts to the last MFT party...yum!), and chit-chat, it's time to get down to the purpose of the party...the gifts.

Start at one corner and work your way around the room, having each lady draw 3 names from the bowl. If she draws her own name or 1 name 2 times, just draw again. If the last woman draws her own name or 1 name twice, just have her trade with someone around her.

Return to the person who drew first, have her get the 3 gifts she brought, and give them to the 3 names she drew. As these 3 women open their gifts, have the giver explain why this is her favorite item.

Everyone goes home with 3 different things then she brought with her.

I have hosted/attended the same party with the same concept and same women two times and the second time was just as fun as the first! Also, you could do a themed party, such as "My Favorite Christmas Things" or "My Favorite Spa Things" or "My Favorite Book" (might just want to do 1 book each, so you could buy a nicer book).

**A fun idea for the hostess is to pick up a few extra goodies and have a door prize or play a few "getting to know you" games. Everyone loves to learn new facts about their friends, and this is a great way to get them thinking and win a prize in the process. I think one game we played at the party I hosted was "2 truths and a lie"...I don't remember how we chose a winner, but it was fun to figure out if Kris really had two dates to the prom, had killed a deer, or had been accepted at Harvard but turned it down to go to LSU.

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