Monday, January 9, 2012

LSU vs. Alabama...EPIC

Pictures courtesy of Bart and his cousins.  Brad hand paints these helmets to be replicas of the ones the LSU football players wear.  One of the ones he was showing us had a TON of LSU football player signatures on it.  One of them was an actual game day helmet, but those stats of the who and what and when have left my mind already.

hiesman pose!
Bart's family is SERIOUS about football and I love it. It is so fun to hear/see all the cousins/aunts gathered around talking about it!
Bart with CRAZY eyes!

Bart and Brad in the Heisman pose

HECK YEAH WE ARE #1 (and hopefully we stay that way!  We will see tomorrow night!)
Brennan trying it on for size...a TINY bit too big.
But,not surprisingly, just about right for Mr. Chubby Cheeks Ethan.

GEAUX TIGERS!  Roll the Tide!

How are you celebrating this year's national championship football game?
Our party started out small, just Bart and his two friends who moved from Baton Rouge to Omaha when we did.
Then, he invited a few church people.
Then, his best friend from his childhood called on Thursday night to say he'd be landing on Friday night at 9 and staying through Tuesday to watch THE BIG GAME Monday night.
So, now our tiny party has grown into quite a full house...hope we have enough chairs!

We are serving gumbo (made by Bart, using meats we bought in LA and froze to get home), jambalaya (made by me and the crock pot), and some delicious bread pudding.  I also went into a WalMart in Baton Rouge , LA for no other reason then to buy Zapp's potato chips for our party (Crawtator of course!)  They are so yummy...I bought 2 LSU-tator bags, 1 VooDoo bag, and 1 large crawtator flavored bag.  They don't sell Zapp's in my parents town and Bart really wanted them for the party.  The things we do for love.  ;)

It should be a good game.  There's been a lot of hype.  There's been a lot of predictions as to who will win.
There's been some arguments with Jackson over why he cannot wear a red shirt on Monday (He likes both teams!)  And in less then 24 hours...we will have a winner.  And a loser.

If LSU is the winner, Pratt Street has better watch out...because the last time Bart and Will watch LSU win the national championship...there was some streaking involved!!!

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