Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brennan cooked supper the other night:  ALL BY HIMSELF (well, I removed the hot dogs from the oven at the end).
He opened the brand new pack of turkey hot dogs (barf), put them on a cookie sheet, preheated the oven (broiler), timed and cooked the dogs, (I took them out of the oven).  He then put them on buns, added ketchup for Ethan, plated them, along with Pringles and jello, and set the table.  (I love when Bart is out of town and I get super lazy cooking.)
He was very proud of himself and so am I.  I love to see him learning and growing and becoming more independent.  His brain is quite a sponge and he loves to fill it with all kinds of interesting facts and tidbits.

Next on his list of things to cook:  mac n cheese.  How old was your child when you let him/her cook that?

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