Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cake in the Face

Bart's friend flew in from Florida this past weekend to watch that train wreck of a football game Monday night (but we still had a great party!).  He was here Friday  night through early Tuesday morning.

We had a great time talking about "the good old days" and all that that entailed.  Bart and Will have been friends since they were kids, so my "good old days" were not really so "old" as they are "in the past decade"...
(The fact that I can say I've known anyone for a decade makes me feel kind of old, and I am only 32)

Anyway, January 1st was my mother in laws birthday (she passed away in August of 2002).  There was this one time that I baked a lovely (think:  box of cake, canned frosting, in a 9x13 pan w/ sprinkles) cake for her birthday.  For some reason William came with us to her house for her birthday (Glenda was like a second mom to him, so this was not totally unusual).  When we got there, Will asks Glenda if he can smash his face in the cake because it looked so good.

And, for some reason, Glenda told him to go ahead...probably thinking he was kidding.
He was not.
It wasn't a little cutesty smash like a bride and groom do.  Nope, he shoved his whole face into that 9x13 pan and RUINED the cake.  I mean, who, other then William, would want to eat face cake?

It made me pretty mad at the time (I mean, come on Will...we wanted to EAT that cake), but he had asked, and he did have permission, even if we all thought he'd not really do something so silly.

Looking back though, it has taught me a few things:

1.  Never tell someone it is okay to do something if deep down you don't really want them to.  (Or say yes when you want to say no)  Whether that be face cake or giving something away or even helping out (I am learning is okay to sometimes say NO to the endless requests of your time/talents/money)
2.  Never use canned frosting (lol, just kidding, maybe?)
3.  If you can forgive your friend for ruining the cake your newly wed wife worked so hard (in hindsight, not so much ;) ) to bake, then he must be a really great friend...and I have to agree with Bart.  Bart is lucky to have Will as a friend, just as Will is lucky to have such a hunk-a hunk-a burnin' love for a friend as well.

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