Sunday, January 29, 2012


To know me is to know that I will do just about anything to get something for free.  Seriously.  I actually emailed the putt putt golf place in town where Jackson's next birthday party will be to see if they wanted to do a trade of some sort.  I'm thinking maybe they will go for it.  I mean, it seems like they must be a family owned place...right?  if they won't, we'll still have his party there, but if they do, score!

So, when presented the opportunity for my family of five to get to eat out for free at a restaurant just opening in Omaha, I jumped on it!  Ethan and I babysat Audrey for a few hours this week while her mother trained at the new store and tonight we went to Longhorns (opens Monday, Jan. 30 at 74/Dodge) to reap the benefits of Audrey's mom's training.

Our family had a nice time (though I had to wait quite a while for my salad at first) and enjoyed our family date night.  Brennan ordered a steak from the ADULT menu and was very proud and excited about this.  We really liked the chocolate cake in our trio of desserts that we got to share...if you go, just get the chocolate's huge and will be enough for your whole table!  The trio was good, but just chocolate cake would have been the best.

We all enjoyed our meals, except poor old Brennan whose stomach got upset towards the end...but that's a blog post for another day, one entitled, "Brennan and Jessica's mad dash through Walgreen's to find a restroom".

The best part of the meal?  When the check for $85 came and we got to walk out without paying a penny!

So, if you have a Longhorns, maybe you go check them out.  Tell them Jessica sent you.  ;)

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