Saturday, January 14, 2012

In Need of a Thesaurus

We went to Half Price Books today (LOVE that store, if you have one in your town, go check it out!). We traded in two bags of books and got a few bucks back. (Don't go in thinking you will get rich trading in your old books, but the ones they have for sale are usually at a great price, esp. their clearance books)

We let each boy pick one book, $2 or under, with the money. They picked, then we checked out.
Once we were in the car, Ethan started making frustrated grunts as he pulled at the price sticker on the front of his book.
After a minute of this, he says, "I can't get this STUPID thing off!"
I say, "ETHAN, we don't say that word!"
So, he replies, "I can't get this BAD thing off my book!"
Photo by Dry Ink
 We were too busy trying to hide our laughter to correct him a second time.

And, being the awesome mom that I am, I had that price sticker off his book in just a few seconds.

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