Friday, January 6, 2012

JuMpInG BoYs and Mommy Awesomeness

Cousins are some of the best friends around...and I love when the boys get to hang out with theirs.  They have 2 first cousins, but they are younger and girls and don't have a cool trampoline in the back yard.  Johnathan and Logan (second cousins, I guess?  whenever your first cousin has a baby, that's what they are)  The boys LOVE it when we tell them we are on the way to Aunt Linda's house.
Logan is a wild one when it came to jumping...he needs to teach my boys so lessons!
I really love taking pictures of the boys's so funny to see how high they look for that split second...and luckily Brennan loves it, too.  Logan was eating it up..."Take just one more Jessie, please!"  It was really funny.
And, I feel this post about jumping would not be complete without a confession.  Also, all that stuff up there is pretty lame and boring and travel-loggish and kind of making me want to fall asleep. 

See, the boy cousins were all outside jumping...4 or 5 boys, including Ethan.  Bart's aunt and cousins keep nervously looking out the window at them, worrying Ethan or Jackson would get hurt.
I, however, let them jump...burn off some of that energy that naturally comes with it being Christmas day.  It was such a nice day, compared to our Christmases the last few years in Omaha (but not the year we go to escape bad weather...nope, this year NE had NICE weather for the holidays.)

Well, we finally made Ethan get off (it was getting rough).  Then, I thought, "Oh, I should go get my camera and capture some of this jumping.  Even Jackson will look like he is jumping high!"  So, I went into the house to get my camera.  When I came back out, there was Jackson, laying on his belly, the corner far from the trampoline door.

Well, I felt a tiny bit guilty for leaving them alone, but really, even if I'd been there watching, Jack would have gotten hurt, so, I shrugged it off, put down my camera (after contemplating taking a picture of crying Jackson and his sad belly down pose), and climbed into the cage to get him.

His foot was hurt, he cried, maybe his leg.
I asked which foot, he pointed.  The right. get him to the trampoline door and to a chair, I drug him by his good foot to the door, then scooped him up and gave him some TLC.

Only a mother as awesome as me would rescue her injured son by dragging him, belly down, by his non-injured leg to the door. giving him carpet burn on his stomach along the way (is a trampoline burn?  IDK the technical term and I am sorry I had to use the incorrect term, maybe.  Or, maybe it is the correct term and I didn't know I was so smart?).

I know, I know...brilliant!!!!  But really, how the heck else was I supposed to get him to the other side?  Trampolines are not really mean to be just walked on.  True story.  They are meant to be jumped on and I think if I had J.U.M.P.E.D. across the trampoline while forcing him to hop on his good foot, that would have been a lot worse.  He could have gotten hurt.  :)  Those trampoline cages are like death traps, leaving you only one choice, to resort to animal like instincts and just PULL!

Jackson's foot is fine now, though it was a little tender for a while, especially the next day.
He lived to tell the tale.

And me, as soon as I made sure Jackson was feeling okay, I went to the trampoline to capture some jumping boy shots, mourning the loss of Jackson in those shots and thinking, the the very back corner of my mind, how if another kid got hurt, I'd have pictures to capture the moment AND I'd be sure to capture the after injury shots as well, of pain and sadness and loss...the loss of getting to jump any more that day.

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