Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Apparently Les Miles has teamed up with Raisin' Canes...and why wouldn't you team up with them?  One of the best coaches around, plus hands down the best fast food fried chicken ever?  That's a win win...there were these bill boards all over Baton Rouge and I just loved them!

Apparently they also made the image into a tee shirt, but by the time we made it to a Raisin' Canes, they were sold out of kids size shirts and only had like 3XL for adults.  No good. :(  So, we are fist bumpin' Les Miles shirt less, but we are plus one cool picture of my kids at Raisin' Canes "wearing" the hat.

COUNTDOWN TO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP:  T-minus 4 days!!!!  And then...the LSU TIGERS will (hopefully) Roll the Crimson Tide right back to Alabama with a new fear of the hat!

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