Monday, June 28, 2010

Very Quick Update

Update on everything:
Bart was hospitalized at UNMC Friday and get out Tuesday.
Devin from church is a rock star and is cutting grass and offering to help in whatever way needed.
Thank you to David S who drove Bart and has visited him often.
Thank you to those who have visited, called, emailed, etc.
We will be home by Thursday to take over.  I do not know when Bart will be released (probably Tuesday?) because his lesion was on his spine and needed stronger therapy.
He will be in physical and occupational therapy for a while after he gets out.
Please keep him in your prayers and know that I am so grateful for such fabulous friends!!!!

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Crissy said...

We've been praying for you guys! And if you ever need someone to come sit at the house with the boys so you can get out with Bart/ take him to therapy/etc .. just let me know! Love you guys!