Saturday, June 5, 2010


Did you know that before I was a Mommy I was a teacher?  Yep, I taught middle school (argh) reading.  Not my ideal first teaching job, but it helped pay the bills until I retired :)
This week I am teaching again.  Not summer school.  Not Sunday School, but CAKE SCHOOL!  Wednesday I am teaching a basic fondant cake decorating class at Cindy's (email me if you want in or want to host your own...I'll even drive out to Lincoln if enough of you want one and your space is big enough) and on Saturday I am teaching a Cricut cake decorating class at Precious Treasures in Fremont.  Give the store a call to sign up if you are interested. 
I am going crazy thinking of all the things I have to prepare and plan and get together before each class.  I had forgotten the time it takes to get things just right.  Then there is the actual class time.  I need to make an outline so I can cover everything I want to cover and need to include.
Oh, the details.
So, this week, between play dates and late nights working, I will be making fondant, rolling gum paste, and baking cakes.
I believe this week will be LIST WEEK, to help me stay on track every step of the way.  I hate list week, but we all have those weeks. 

And think of all the fun I will have as I am actually teaching.  When I get  up there in front of everyone and start talking, I am sure things will flow fine (as long as I have prepared myself beforehand).  I know that sounds a bit cocky, but one of my "gifts" if you will is the ability to get in front of a crowd and do fine (except talks at church...those make me so nervous). 
But, until the class starts, I will be a nervous wreck, so if you see me kind of acting funny, just know it's nerves. :D

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