Friday, June 4, 2010

Adventures in Cloth Diapering...#13, The Stuffing

For the last two weeks (well, 8 of the 10 week days) I have been babysitting.  Five children.  Add my own 3 into the mix and that equals some long crazy days.
Though some days were harder then others, and some moments sweeter then others, it went fine.  I even (more the most part, except that one day) CDed the entire time, even though I was babysitting there, not here.  A secret poopy swish in someone else's toilet never hurt anything.

The only problem is this:  Because I was a bit tired from babysitting, and needing to do all the things I do at home during the day that I needed to do at night, I had to pick something to ignore.  One thing that fell to the wayside was stuffing the cloth diapers.  Sure, I still washed them on schedule, just didn't have the time or energy to stuff those bad boys.
So, each morning I'd quickly grab a handful of inserts, a few diapers, and throw them into the wetbag to be stuffed as needed.
Let me tell you...this is NOT the ideal way to go.  It was such a pain to have to stuff a diaper right when I needed it.
So, tomorrow, after Brennan's birthday party, I vow to sit down and stuff, stuff, stuff.
I know I do not have as many to stuff as say, Megan, whose entire couch was filled with diapers, inserts, covers, etc, the week she was sick.  No, not that bad.  But still bad enough.  Still enough to make me think of fifty other things to do instead of stuff the diapers. must get done or I will be tempted to just reach for a huggie instead of a Rumparooz.  So, I will stuff.  And watch t.v.

It really isn't that bad, it's just the build up behind if of NOT preparing the diapers for two whole weeks that makes me dread the chore.
But, once it's done, E's bum will be so cute and cuddly again that I won't mind the 1/2 an hour devoted to diapers.

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