Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Cake Class Under My Belt

Last night I taught my second basic fondant cake decorating class.  Since I'd already done it once before I was much more relaxed and able to have things flow better (at least I thought so).  The best part of the night is when a beeping noise kept happening.  I thought it was the microwave.  Turns out it was my fat belly (just fat, not preggos...I'd rather never walk that road again) hitting the dishwasher buttons when I moved around (I was situated right above the dishwasher during the first half of the class)
I will post pictures soon.  These were some ADORABLE cakes!  There were two tweens and they did a fantastic job with their cakes.  I think it would be a lot of fun to do birthday cakes at the hostess' house for tween/teen parties.  Maybe I should write up a package and figure out a place to advertise my awesome idea.
If you are in the Baton Rouge/Vidalia area (those are two very separate areas, but they are both in LA) and would like to host a basic fondant cake decorating class, let me know and we can get a date/time set.  You learn the process of making and conditioning fondant, how to cover your cake, and then you decorate it.  Each student is just $10 and the hostess is half price if at least 3 students attend.  You provided the cake, I provide the fondant.

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Stacy Hutchinson said...

When will you be in Louisiana? I would love to host a class. Can you include the cricut method? I'm really interested in learning that too.

PapaJeff said...


We're doing a Creative Designs class in Baton Rouge on 30-31 August. Check out our web site at to see if any will work for you. Jessie will be in LA from about the 21st of June until mid-July.