Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ethan turned ONE! (Old news, I know, but I have wanted to blog about it for ages)

For my final baby's first birthday, I wanted to do something fun, cute, creative, and original...original in that I could not buy a "birthday in a box" and be done. I am seeing zebras all over, though usually with hot pink...I decided to BOY UP the girlie them and did zebras and baby and bright blue. I am really pleased with the final product (though that is so braggy I might just lose readers for saying it) and excited to share what I did (I reviewed a lot of products for his check out Nov. posts, you'll see them.)...his birthday was overshadowed (blogwise) by my Days of Thanksgiving, so without further ado, here, my friends, is a peek into Ethan's first birthday: (go here to read Megan's version of the party)
He had two parties on his birthday, a morning play date with lots of friends at our house and a dinner party with just two friends (and we invited the parental units, too, since the kids can't drive yet.) This meant two smash cakes, two cakes for me to decorate and two tablescapes! I do not rock the tablescape scene, but I did my best and thought it looked just fine...Megan's blog has some good pictures of the table from the morning.

In lue of goodie bags, I made wooden blocks that I modge podged each kid's initial on, hot glued a swirly clip on the back and will (one day) include the first picture of the whole group above in the thank you card to clip in the holder. I also made all the boys party hats and all the girls zebra/hot pink hair bows...pictured above. They were soooo cute when they were all lined up and ready. Ethan and Fiona (also celebrated her at the party) had #1 shirts that I made.
" cake rocks Mama."
Ethan is officially ONE!
In between parties, I made him have a photo shoot, sporting his cool bib he is reviewing and the awesome new diaper from Monkeysnuggles/Megan.

The dinner party...aren't the mismatched chairs so Klassy?

Cake #2: white with cherry filling and cream cheese frosting
Check out the blue fondant he is chewing on :)

It was big, so it took two hands for his second smash cake.Brennan "gave" him Orry the Orek as a gift. Ethan then "gave" Orry a bath.

Party's over...time for bed!