Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Fat Baby

November 18, 2008

November 18, 2009

Happy First Birthday Baby Ethan. You have been the perfect addition to our very boyish family, bringing a love of cars and trucks to our Star Wars, Lego, Ben Ten mix. You have a smile that melts the heart of all the Remington boys (and makes them instantly offer to share whatever they are doing) and a way to look at me that makes the crazy days of having three boys okay.

In one year you've been all over, from South Dakota, to Florida, to Ohio, to Louisiana. What a full year! Your daddy hadn't been to that many states until a year or two ago :) Not only did you get to travel, but you were able to meet lots of people that just aren't around because of distance. You charmed all of those people, too...and let's not forget Ms. Kylee, who also turns one today. Ethan has charmed her, too. :)

Before you made your grand appearance (staying in my womb long enough for the grandparents to get here), we called you "Fat Baby"...I believe Daddy came up with that name. We didn't know how true it would've tipped the scales at every well baby check up! That's okay...the extra padding has been perfect to provide a bit of extra comfort from the rough and tumble ways of your older brothers.

Your easy-going mannerisms fit in just right with the rest of the crew and we are so lucky to have you. Thank you for coming to earth to be with us for the rest of eternity.

We love you Fat Baby Ethan Pierre!!!!

5 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

I love that family picture of you. Perfection.

Happy birthday baby Ethan!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Diddo. I LOVE how he's in color, and you all look great!! I can't believe he's a year old already.

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!

I also love the black & white photo with him in color! way cool!!

Jessica said...

I did the b/w and color pic. on super easy.

Crissy said...

Ethan I'm so glad we got to spend your special day with you! I'm also glad you and Kylee are going to be birthday buds for life! You're such a cute little couple! (Can you believe how "small" they were in that pic, Jess?")