Friday, November 27, 2009

27 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 27

Well, I might not have done NABLOPOMO this year, but I DID post 27 things I am thankful for, if not always once a day, at least all 27! Whoo!

Day 27: I am thankful for the freedom we have by living in this country, my power to turn off the t.v. when I've had enough of the endless parade of "buy me" Christmas advertisements, blogs that share fun craft ideas, light hearted stories, etc, my friends, getting to scrapbook on New Years Day, my husband who is working his butt off this holiday season, the power of the atonement of Christ, my church, my parents, my sister, cell phones so calling them on the same network is free!, my adorable boys, health insurance, IUD's, the delete button, and desserts.

To mix it up a bit:

Some things I am NOT grateful for:

Snow, mice, cold feet, teething, bills, trash, infomericals that make you NEED that (fill in the blank here), calories, blurry pictures, and stains on Jackson's adorable turkey tee shirt.

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