Sunday, November 15, 2009

27 Days of Thankfulness, Day 14 & 15

*Bart in New York City for his review one year ago*

Day 14: Yesterday I was grateful for great friends. I got to attend an appreciation dinner for the management of The Site Administrator and ASA prepared a lovely dinner and dessert, and we all hung out until at least midnight. I am thankful to have MOM because it has provided me with some great friendships (as I already mentioned in a previous thanksgiving post). I had such fun.
Day 15: Today I am grateful that Bart's business trip is only one night...and that he won't have to miss Ethan's birthday so all my plans can stay as they are. (Play date shared w/ little Miss Fiona in the morning, then a small dinner with two baby friends...the perfect # b/c our table seats six...see, I think of these dorky details all.the.time.)
Originally, he thought he'd be gone to the Big Apple 11/16-19 or something like that. Then he was somehow able to change the dates of everything and only be gone one day! Score. Now, everybody say lots of prayers that CitiGroup is impressed with all the hard work the West crew put into creating the review this year.

Now, starting tomorrow, I will be doing reviews (and I've got maybe one or two giveaways!) of some great products I scored to help Ethan celebrate turning one in style...a fantastic cake topper, bib, tee shirt from Zazzle, and adorable invites...stay tuned, but never fear, I will continue to post my 27 days because I want to be committed. And not just to the crazy hospital.

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