Sunday, November 8, 2009

27 Days of Thankfulness, Day 8

I am thankful that for the first time since 2003, I sat in the congregation to watch the Primary Program. It was lovely. Brennan read his part well, the kids sang the songs wonderfully, and it was nice to NOT have the stress of planning, writing, organizing, etc. I loved hearing each little child share his or her part, knowing that I helped teach them many of those principles up until June, when I was released from Primary President. I also loved seeing how much each child has grown since we moved to Omaha...2 1/2 years is a long time to spend with children and they are all so different and mature now.
I am also thankful that (hopefully) no one noticed when Jackson clapped and gave Brennan a thumbs up after he read his part. It was very funny and cute.
I am grateful that my husband was able to pull together a really good Sunday School lesson with little to no advanced notice.

Oh, and I am thankful I figured out that I had all the ingredients for a chicken pot pie from scratch and that I remembered to make it right after when I am done with this MOM event, I will come home to a hot, homecooked meal that is delicious. If I remember, I will post the recipe for that (along with a picture of my new shoes, Bren :) tomorrow.

3 Words to brighten my day:

Diana said...

wow! Bren is looking so mature!
I'd love the recipe!

Karen said...

That's a great photo!

ellemenopii said...

I feel your thankfulness....and I totally get it. That is a great feeling....and I love that he gave him a thumbs cute! Great picture, too! He's such a cutie! :)