Wednesday, January 27, 2010

National Cold and Flu Tracker AND a Triaminic Giveaway (48 hrs to enter!)

Has the cold and flu cycle hit your house yet? It has come through mine two time already! There is a great website, full of tips and tools, to help you make good decisions about your child's health and give advice, too!
A Triaminic symptom selector to figure out which medicine would be right for your little one BEFORE you get to the drug store and the five thousand choices out there is on the site and I think it will be my favorite feature. I usually get overwhelmed then overly worried at all the choices out there.

More info about the site:

"Triaminic® has developed two online tools (see below) to help you and your family this cold and flu season.

1) The Sick Day Guidelines, created in partnership with the National Association of School Nurses – Parents know when their kids aren’t feeling 100%. These Guidelines are aimed at helping parents decide when to keep them at home or send them off to school.

2) National Cold & Flu Tracker – This resource provides a weekly data feed of cold & flu symptom trends by region, based on data from SDI Fan® (a source used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Being aware of the activity in your area (or an area that you are traveling) can help you prepare for when cold and flu symptoms appear. For example, Greensboro, Lexington, Knoxville, and Albany have the highest incidence of illness this week."

Go check out the site to print off a coupon to save $1.50 on Triaminic products!

NOW...for the giveaway. This is going to fast, just like cold and flu strikes fast!

The prize pack for the Give-away includes 4 boxes of Triamic Thin Strips, with 14 strips in each package...THREE WINNERS SELECTED!


MANDATORY: Go to site and find out the flu and cold incidence in your area by using "The Tracker" results here.

Bonus Entries:

  • follow my blog
  • grab my button
  • tweet AND follow me on twitter (jessremington...make sure you @jessremington your tweets about the contest!)
  • share an experience of using Triaminic that helped your little one
  • share a tip for helping little ones (and big ones, too!) feel better fast when they get a cold or the flu
Winners to be selected using Friday morning so don't delay!!!!

9 Words to brighten my day:

Sarah said...

Omaha, NE is in the moderate category! (Great info BTW)

Sarah said...

I follow your bloggieness :) :) :)

Sarah said...

My Momma always says a bowl of chicken noodle soup can do wonders for a sick baby. We do Sprite, soup & crackers so it's a special day with momma. (Otherwise we never do soda).

Nothing like some extra snuggle time!

Risingsouth said...

I North Port, FL we are moderate.

Risingsouth said...

I am following you.

Risingsouth said...

My tip would be plenty of rest and movies.

Brooke said...


Brooke said...

I follow your blog!

Catherine Anne said...

What a cute header~