Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snowmen Cafe and I should be on American Idol

It was warm yesterday...37 and not a lot of wind...that felt so nice and warm! After school, I forced the boys to put on their snowsuits and go outside to play. The snowsuits were needed to keep their pants dry.
Brennan went out before Jackson, and when I got outside with Jackson and Ethan, Brennan greeted us with a "Snowman Cafe"...he had built two snowmen and said they were at a cafe. He then built three more snowmen. He even formed a ball and rolled it around...I am surprised he remembered that trick from last year. I know I didn't prompt him on what to do.
It felt so nice to be outside, clearing the thicker spots of snow off the drive, shoveling some of the neighbor's sidewalk so school kids don't have to walk through knee deep snow drifts.
AND...the great news is that the weathermen predict it will be in the 30's and maybe even the low 40's a few days! Let the snow melting, car dirtying, slushy walking, hidden ice spots begin!

On a different topic: The other night I was being silly singing a primary song to the boys in a deep voice (if you are LDS and familiar with the 8th article of faith set to music, you can imagine.). They were laughing and having a great time, asking me to do it again and again and again and again and again... when Brennan says, "Mom, you should be on American Idol."
He's never seen American Idol, but he has seen commercials, I am sure...and since right now is the pre-lims, where they showcase those horrible singers, well, I just stifled a laugh and told him thank you very much but no, I'd rather not be made a fool of in front of millions of viewers, my own family was plenty big enough for embarrassing myself.

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Lexi said...

I sing horrific but I'll do it if I think no one is around to catch me. Peyton has heard it before in all it's awfulness and has laughed at me. He'll get his turn one of these days... jsut wait and see buddy.

Troy =bad singer
Lexi =bad singer
Which means Troy + Lexi= Peyton will be a bad singer too! ;-)