Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prayers for Kristabelle

I am not one to soilicite the faith of others in the way of prayers. But tonight, I received word that my sweet little friend, who just turned five Saturday, is very sick. She received a small bowel transplant a while back and has been sick all this winter.
She was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery the other day and just didn't bounce back as she should. She celebrated her birthday in the hospital and today was rushed into another surgery, where they had to reverse some procedures she had "outgrown". This is a major set back for her and her family and her mother is really struggling to accept this new development.
Please pray for the family to have strength to endure these hard days, for Kristabelle to heal quickly, and for the doctors to be wise and led by Heavenly Father to help Kristabelle get back to 100%.
Also, I am copying what Lisa Bearnson does for kids from time to time...if you want, please leave me a comment and let me know if you'd like to mail a card (throw a dollar in there, Lisa does that and the kids LOVE it...think about it, to a kid, a dollar is a treasure) to Kristabelle for her fifth birthday (it's just a few days late) please let me know and I will get the hospital's mailing address for you.
Thank you...our faith and hope united, can heal.

3 Words to brighten my day:

B. Accessorized said...

Great post, Jess. Can I get the hosp. address? I haven't mailed the card Isabel made yet. Thanks. This makes me so sad.

Nicole said...

Kristabelle is such a wonderful little girl. This was a very nice post.
Prayers that she gets better soon.

Unknown said...

Kristabelle is a sweetie and a wonderful girl. She is in our thoughts and prayers for a healthy recovery. We look forward to seeing her back out there playing with her friends.