Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Vacuum Sucks (not literally)

So, I NEED my vacuum today. I NEED to vacuum the craft room so that my friends won't think I am a trashy hostess tomorrow.
But, my vacuum sucks. it doesn't, which is causing my issue.
Guess I should have bought a slightly more expensive vacuum last year, eh?  (It was the cheapest Home Depot had to offer, lol...but in my defense we have very few areas that we actually need a vacuum on.)

So, I'm off to sweep my rugs.  How Little House On The Prairie is that?  I mean, I DO live in Omaha, and isn't this like, the middle of the prairie after all?  (Other then that hill part, of course....)

1 Words to brighten my day:

Unknown said...

We have had very good luck with Dirt Devil. Not such good luck with Eureka's in the past. The Dirt Devil we have is 6 years old and still going strong. Went through two Eureka's in two years before buying this one! Good Luck..I'm envisioning you sweeping your rugs.......Thanks for the smile.