Monday, December 27, 2010

MS Sucks and then there's this Santa Claus

Brennan, "creating" crystals with his crystal growing set he got from the Big Guy.
I just somehow managed to stab myself in the thumb with a used shot needle IN ITS COVER!
How does one do that?
Well, I somehow bent the needle while inserting it into the cover and then SURPRISE!
At least Bart is doing his shots I won't complain too much. 

And on to other matters.
Do any of your children just assume that all gifts under the tree are from Santa?  Bart likes to keep the presents hidden until 12/24 at night and I think that is why mine do.  They weren't confused about the gifts from Grandma and Papa...because the boys were able to put them under the tree and saw them there a few days.
Even though I did not put up this one BIG present and it sat under the tree (right in front) for a few days...the boys still said, "Santa sure knew what he was doing when he bought this HUGE Nerf gun!"  Um, that 30 bucks was all Daddy, so tell HIM how cool it was...cause all I tell him is how UNcool the gift is...those darts are all over the house now...and they seem to like to use ME as their target (we have put an end to this target practice, but they sure had fun while it lasted).
I guess it doesn't really matter who they think things came from, but at the same time...Santa is stealing my thunder ;-)

And finally...why is NFL Monday Night Football on so late?  It's the 4th quarter, but there are 10 minutes left, which in football land equals about 30 real world minutes.  Geaux Saints!

FYI:  Two most obvious things wrong with the picture below...
1.  Jackson's pants were WAY unzipped...he has a problem of not caring about completing that step of potty time.
2.  Ethan's shirt is a size 12-18 month onesie.  He weighs 38 lbs and is 36 inches tall.  'Nuff said...but he was so cute as he cried to wear the "deeeeeeeer shirt! peeeeeease?"

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